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I Won't Be Quiet

No, I won't, and on Friday, April 8, neither will 3 other women.

That's right, on Saturday, April 8, I’ll be hosting 4Women, a Cabaret featuring (in alphabetical order) Kelly Caulfield, Raina Murdock and Sue Murphy. Kelly, Raina and Sue appear regularly with semi-professional and community theatre groups throughout the Philadelphia region. But this year, I convinced them to use their voices in a different way (to be honest, they were easily convinced). They are turning their talents into a fund-raising vehicle for The House, a Phoenixville, PA shelter that serves a underserved population - single women. Will there be music at this BYOB event? Of course, and even more, including light snacks and a raffle with fantastic prizes. Buy your tickets (which start at $20) here.

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