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Hey, Good Lookin'

Whatcha got cookin'?

Those words were floating through my head for the past 3 weeks as I was rehearsing and then performing in Gretna Theatre's production of Hank Williams: Lost Highway. I had an absolute blast performing Mama Lilly, Hank William's mom. Boy howdy, that woman was the epitome of a stage mom, which I am not. But fierce? Yes, I can be as fierce as Mama Lilly was.

This role was so different for me. I sang for about 5 minutes total. I had monologues. I had to act old. I got to sit in the dressing room for most of Act II. I loved every second of this project. Truly.

Have a look at a few photos, taken by Mike Feldser, for your viewing pleasure (some of which also appear in the media gallery on my singer/actor page of this very website).

That's me, in the white shoes and calico dress, urging my son, Hank, to "get up there and show 'em what I taught you".

We spent much of Act I in our pretend car, driving to gigs all around south Alabama. I sure did love these boys.

The entire cast. Nothing but joy, working with these people.

I'm back in Bryn Mawr, enjoying the summer heat. Teaching, auditioning and prowling for the next adventure.

I did sign a contract last week to return to the Coffee House Series at the Darlington Arts Center next February. Got any songs you want to hear? Let me know.

And thanks for following my sometimes adventurous life.

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