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Back On Set

Ended April finishing up shooting '88. This shoot took me to the Lehigh Valley and South Jersey. Here's some BTS from my first day on set - at a random Airbnb in Allentown.

This is the second film I've shot in which my character eats and dies. At least in this one I'm not murdered!

Cody Hoffman, our director, giving notes to Jimmy Campbell and me. I really enjoy the spirit and creative ease that has floated around this project.

From my final shoot day, in Woodbury, New Jersey.

The car is crucial to the movie. As is the crew.

More crew, more car. Because I spent most of the day in the car! Jimmy got out of the car and into this shot.

I'll post when this movie is available. It's a sweet script. I cannot wait to see how it turns out.

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