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I'm Still Here

Hello Faithful Followers!

I continue to tour Asia with Troika Entertainment's production of Sister Act. However, since I last posted to this blog, I have moved from China to the US (for a brief 3-week layoff), moved on to Tokyo and am now sitting for 10 weeks in the surprisingly fantastic city of Seoul, South Korea. While I continue to appear in most performances as Nun Number Nine, I have also gone on as Sister Mary Lazarus (the older rapping nun) a number of times. Never a dull moment as I continue to figure out how to thrive on an international tour.

Let's see if I can scare up some photos for you.

First off, I took a side trip to Kyoto, Japan. Wow. I had no idea how serenely beautiful Kyoto is.

That's the Golden Pavillion. Gorgeous.

Back in Tokyo, I spent an afternoon bathing in green in Yoyogi Park.

Sister Mary Lazarus is in the house!

Sister Mary Lazarus is in the house!

On our last day in Tokyo, we stumbled on some rockabilly dancers in Yoyogi Park.

The scary statue surrounded by flowers? He's around the corner from my home in Seoul at Jogyesa Temple.

Finally, my new friend, Du, came all the way from Shanghai to see the show AGAIN in Seoul. Read about that here.

Thanks for following!

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