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Hey there! It's Summer 2023 and in-person and remote lessons are available.
Not sure if a remote lesson is for you? 
Let's chat! Use the contact form to the left.
I love teaching people to sing.  
It's my parallel passion to my own performing career. I love this work so much that I can't even believe I've been doing it for almost 30 years.  
Why should you study voice with me?  
Because I have a unique set of skills:  
  • I'm an excellent technician.  
  • I am particularly confident in my ability to help belters find their legit voice and to help legit singers find their belt. 
  • I'm an excellent pianist. This means you can really sing in lessons. 
  • I've worked in both the musical theatre and the opera industries. I know what it takes to get hired and rehired. 
  • I'm a master at creating a safe environment.  In this studio, you can explore and experiment. Bring your vocal and artistic questions here. Together we'll figure it out.  
My goal?  I have two.  
  • I want you to become the master of your voice. 
  • I want you to get hired.  
The studio is currently accepting students who are high school graduates and/or at least 18 years old.
“You help people with what they have, and don't try to change them. Just make them the best they can be. But you don't hold anyone's hand either.”
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