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Upheaval and Opportunities

Like every other human on the planet, somehow I've been surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, the overdue civil unrest here in the US and even spotted lanternflies. I'm looking at 6 months. How about you?

Some of my life has stayed the same. I still sleep in the same bed with the same husband. I still get up, have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. I still exercise. I still text friends and try not to spend too much time on social media. I still enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.

Some of my life is unbelievably different. I haven't had a single performance and the opportunities seem to be as far off as September of 2021. Auditions are online and with the uncertainty of when the performing arts will reopen, the numbers have greatly decreased. Our son graduated from college in May, and we have yet to even see him in person, let alone celebrate that wonderful achievement. My voice studio is alive, but barely, as students either cope with work challenges (either too much or not enough), family challenges and/or digital exhaustion. I have taken only one short overnight trip, and that was to an isolated location that we could safely drive to in one day.

Wow. Yet, I'm still, somehow, thriving. Well...not every day. But many days. I've taken the time to just sit. I've made new friends in my industry via online connections. I'm spending as much time outdoors as possible every day. I've revamped my online presence, including new media right on this website - take a look! I've connected more deeply with people who have been in my life for years, but only on the periphery. I've taken action to dissolve systemic racism in the US. I've created a Virtual Studio - check it out!

Somehow. I. Keep. Making. It. Actually, I do know what sustains me. Creativity. Sticking to a routine 99% of the time. Meditation. Practicing. Exercise. Connecting as much as possible with good people. Sleep. Listening.

Feel free to borrow any of those for your own existence.

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