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March? Meh...

Life keeps chugging along. Here in the Philadelphia area, we've had an incredibly mild winter so I can't complain. But the clouds and the wind the past week? Meh...

I do have a nice little trailer from last month's Happy Hour performance.

By the way, Mark and I are happy to take Happy Hour on the road. Contact me here if you're interested...or if you know of someone who might be interested!

After finishing Happy Hour, I took advantage of down time to rejuvenate my body and soul. First up, a visit to Boston. #1 Son is currently residing and absolutely thriving in Boston.

A simply exquisite marble foot on display at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. How have I lived this long and never visited this museum?

Second, a winter retreat at the Himalayan Institute with other members of my not-to-be-believed-how-big-it-actually-is family. Fresh snow, yoga, time with family members and delicious vegetarian food. Kinda like Nirvana.

My sister-in-law and I enjoying a break from our winter hike on the Sound of Music Hill at the Institute. I do not name these places, I only visit them.

I continually remind myself that experiences outside of performing and creating are necessary to feed my soul and imagination. I post these two here to remind you as well. What will you experience today that will feed you?

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