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Back to Live Theatre

I'm back on stage. With other humans, both on the stage and in the audience. When the weather cooperates.

I am authentically filled with gratitude to be performing Baruska in Once at the Hangar Theatre Company. Truly, for various reasons, I did not anticipate a contract this soon after the height of the pandemic. Yet here I am, with a beautiful group of humans telling this beautiful story. When the weather cooperates.

You see, all of our rehearsals were outside and all of our performances are scheduled to be outside. But Mother Nature has other plans. As I write this post, we have had 5 (FIVE) out of 8 (EIGHT) performances cancelled due to rain. And I mean cRaZy rain. Last night there was slight drizzle and then 5 minutes before places - POW. A downpour.

We sigh, we laugh, we persist. We'll be ready to tell this story every night through July 17. Take that, Mother Nature!

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