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Another Day in Pandemic Paradise

Welcome to Spring 2021.

That's a photo of Choptank Landing, Maryland. From this exact spot, Araminta Ross, better know as Harriet Tubman, led her brothers to freedom, in 1854. She later returned to this same spot to guide others to their freedom. Amazing.

As society slowly and safely reopens, my husband and I spent a weekend exploring the Harriet Tubman Byway. We found the study of Harriet's life to be a great way to feed our minds and enjoy a change of scenery, all while staying COVID-safe.

Audition submissions are picking up - yay! No contracts for me...yet. I can feel them coming.

I also continue to take classes, most recently a 3-week Monologue Class with Karie Koppel at Actor's Connection. Karie gave me some fantastic new material and great ideas. Still appreciating the ability to work remotely.

Creatavita is growing leaps and bounds this spring. I'm particularly amazed at the serendipitous creation of the Creatavita Sponsorship Fund. Read its story and mission here. Check out our current offerings as well - Monthly Gatherings and Creative Retreats.

Whew! I know that's quite a bit.

Singing still brings me joy. And reminds me to hang too!

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