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Not Booked, Still Blessed

That's right. that's my new hashtag. #notbookedstillblessed.

The disappointing news is that I currently have no performing contracts.

The positive news is that my life is still darn wonderful. I am enjoying a summer filled with...

Berries. Strawberries from our garden. Also raspberries, but I ate those before I could take a photo.

While out picking one morning, I realized I had not been home for an entire strawberry harvest for the past three summers. Then I realized I wouldn't be home for this entire harvest either, because Richard and I spent a week in...

Greece. Hello Parthenon!

We're trying to visit places we haven't been before AND places that might be physically demanding. Visiting Greece is certainly not like climbing Everest, but it isn't laying on the beach either. My favorite spot? Olympia.

What is that silly photo? It is the original starting line for the original Olympics!

I could not believe I was at the actual site of the original Olympics. I breathed in as much as I could. I tried to imagine what it was like thousands of years ago. It was incredible. And then there's the food.

This is a simple dish, which we found at Taberna Alexandra - pureed yellow peas, topped with fresh red onion, fresh capers, and the most magnificent olive oil. In the back? Grilled Cyprian cheese on pita bread. Upper left? That's a spicy cheese dip and a Kalamata olive dip. I ate like this throughout Greece. It was heaven. Simple, fresh, unbelievably delicious. Yes, I drank the wine.

One last photo. The sunset, unfiltered, from another excellent restaurant - Taberna Vakhos in Delphi.

The moral of this post? Dance easily with ALL of the abundance in your life, not just the abundance you wish you had.

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