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Before The Next Contract Starts

One of the aspects of this career that continues to astound me is how quickly the activity ramps up. One day I'm mundanely moving through my task list, the next I'm focused on moving all the pieces of life around because a contract has arrived.

Case in point - this trip to Copenhagen. We had confirmed this trip back in August for mid-October. Two weeks ago, an offer came through (I'll let you in on the details when rehearsals start). A few days of emails, texts, phone calls and too much money to change fees, and here we are - in Copenhagen a week earlier. Travel is a big part of my life. I have always scrimped and save to have money for travel. I find travel more challenging, thanks to Covid (it is easier now that it was even a few months ago), but still worth the hassles.

When traveling, I aim to plan just enough and allow a location to lead me to experiences I might not have discovered if I had planned too much. Which is what happened today. Take a look at these photos from the Multiple Realities at Cisternerne, located in the Frederiksberg section of Copenhagen.

Deep in a former cistern, tangled thread, water and light invited my imagination to consider space and materials differently. How this affects me, I can't put into words, and that's the point. Live in the experience, don't analyze. Be. These are the best souvenirs for me.

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