Pieces of My Collection - New Leaf Club

June 26, 2015 



On My Way by Jeanine Tesori and Brian Crawley 
On My Way is from the musical Violet. Tesori recently won a Tony for Best Musical Composition for her latest work, Fun Home. 
King of the Road by Roger Miller 
This vintage tune felt so right paired with “On My Way”. As I worked on it, I was surprised at the references to habits and customs that are no longer a part of American culture. The easy-going vibe has survived. 
Fun in the Sun 
Poisoning Squirrels in the Park by Tom Lehrer 
My first foray into the sardonic world of Tom Lehrer. I'll definitely visit again. 
Take Me Out by Albert von Tilzer 
I replaced von Tilzer's original verse with one of my own. I also updated his original melody and harmony. Baseball fans always give me compliments on this one. 
Under The Boardwalk by Arthur Resnick and Kenny Young 
Made famous by The Drifters, I prefer Bette Midler's late 1980's performance. 
All I Have to Do by Boudleaux Bryant 
For some reason, I 've been wanting to program this Everly Brothers tune for years. Done! Nice to have the audience singing with me. 
Vocalise by Serge Rachmaninoff 
One of the most haunting melodies in the world. Allows me to pay homage to my classical roots. 
When I Dream by Sandy Mason Theoret 
Recorded by Crystal Gale. Doesn't sound like country music! 
Crazy World 
Twisted by Annie Ross and Wardell Gray 
I was introduced to this song through Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark album. I am so happy to be able to sing and play this one, as I think it is brilliant. 
The Woman by Heidi Hayes 
I composed this song 2 years ago. I dedicated this performance to Caitlin Jenner. As I said to the audience at New Leaf when I introduced the song, I doubt that Caitlin will experience life the way most women over 40 experience it. 
Crazy World by Henry Mancini and Leslie Bricusse 
Mancini's music is at the top of my favored list. I never get tired of his elegant melodies. 
I Love Being Here With You by Peggy Lee and Bill Schluger 
This is one of my favorite openers. Such a great swinging spirit in the lyrics. 
They Found Me 
Here's a set of songs that recently found me. 
One Man's Love by Amy Speace 
Haunting song by this Nashville-based singer/songwriter. 
Tattooed Boy In Memphis by Carol Hall 
There should be more songs like this one in the world. 
They Met To Read The Bible by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette 
This song found me on Facebook 3 days before this gig. When I read the lyrics, I knew I had to sing it. My tribute to the Charleston Nine. We can't forget this time. We just can't. 
June Life Celebrations 
Get Over It by Heidi Hayes 
I had 18 out-of-town family members visit me during the past month. Some of the family interactions were rather interesting. Instead of letting that get the better of me, I wrote a song. Cheaper than therapy, and much more fun. 
It Goes Like It Goes by Norman Gimbel and David Shire 
Another song that I've been wanting to program for years. I dedicated this performance to my son, Nick Johnson, as he recently graduated from high school and is on his way to college soon. This song reminds me that, no matter what, life goes on. I want Nick to know that too. 
Little Things You Do Together by Stephen Sondheim 
We had attended a wedding the week before this gig, so marriage was on my mind. In addition, the SCOTUS ruling legalizing gay marriage came down on the same day as this gig. No one sums up the state of marriage better than Sondheim! 
What A Wonderful World by George Douglas and George David Weiss 
Thanks to everyone who showed up at New Leaf! 
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