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Cabaret At Darlington Arts Center 

January 14, 2017 



My third show at the Darlington Arts Center Saturday evening.  Thanks to everyone who was able to attend, especially since Mother Nature made us wait one week. As I said from the stage Saturday evening, here's the playlist, along with comments about the songs.  I'll be adding to the comments, so please check back!

Old Year New - English traditional, arranged by Hayes

I found this carol, originally published in 1642, in a collection of English carols that hangs out on my bookshelf. Dusted it off and brought it up to date.  The melody is Greensleeves.

Just The Way You Look Tonight - Jerome Kern & Dorothy Fields

I have loved this song since I was a teenager when I first found it in a book in my local library.  I checked that book out constantly.

Spring Songs

Poisoning Squirrels in the Park - Tom Lehrer

Love the humor of Tom Lehner!

Green of the Grass/Take Me Out - Hayes & Albert von Tilzer

Another classic that I updated.

The Greatest - Don Schlitz

Kenny Rogers recorded this song.

Under The Boardwalk - Kenny Young & Artie Resnick

My version is strongly inspired by Bette Midler's.

Wedding Song

Go There (With Me) - Heidi Hayes

The song I wrote and performed at the wedding of Sam Jones and Craig Parks in October of 2015.

My Musical Theatre Odyssey

Lazarus Rap - Menken & Steinkellner

Yes, I can rap.

Sister Act - Menken & Steinkellner

The title song from the musical.  A role I will never perform.  A song I will always love.

Magnus Waltz - Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley

Hello accordion!  Hello Orkney Islands!

Falling Slowly - Irglova & Hansard

This song won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Song.

La Vie en Rose – Piaf, Monnet & Louigay

I used the English lyrics, which are by Mack David. And the accordion.  Had to!

Roar (Eye of the Tiger) - Perry & others

I never thought I'd program Katy Perry's music on a cabaret.  The text of this song felt so appropriate in late 2016 as I was putting the show together.  I had a blast adapting the song to sound like me and not Katy Perry.

I Love Being Here With You - Lee & Schluger

Yes - Peggy Lee wrote and performed this song. Bill Schluger was in on the creation as well.

Sad and Bad Love Songs

One For My Baby - Arlen

Love, You Didn’t Do Right - Berlin

I surprised myself when I paired these two classics together.

Your Husband Is Cheating on Us - LaSalle

Denise LaSalle, the reigning Queen of the Blues, is my source for this song.  I'm not sure that she wrote it, but I can't find anyone else attached to the song.

American Troubadours

This Land Is Your Land - Guthrie

Guthrie was a major musical and social influence on so many Americana performers, but especially Springsteen and Dylan.

Land of Hope and Dreams - Springsteen

Finding my style and voice in this Springsteen song took hours.  I'm glad I kept exploring.  Deep song with deep meaning.

Freight Train - Cotten

I learned this song from Peter, Paul and Mary, but Elizabeth Cotten is the true composer.  The Beatles also covered this classic.

Blowin’ In The Wind - Dylan

Nothing to say.

Dance Me To The End Of Time - Cohen

Cohen wrote this song while living on the Greek island of Hydra. The lyrics are a reference to the Holocaust.  Seeing this video, which appears to feature couples who have survived the Holocaust and other terrors, convinced me I HAD to perform this song.  Haunting.

What A Wonderful World - Thiele, Weiss & Berg

One of my go-to closers. Eternal thanks to Louie Armstrong for the sunshine he sings into this song.

Thanks for reading!

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