Hey, Good Lookin'

Whatcha got cookin'? Those words were floating through my head for the past 3 weeks as I was rehearsing and then performing in Gretna Theatre's production of Hank Williams: Lost Highway. I had an absolute blast performing Mama Lilly, Hank William's mom. Boy howdy, that woman was the epitome of a stage mom, which I am not. But fierce? Yes, I can be as fierce as Mama Lilly was. This role was so different for me. I sang for about 5 minutes total. I had monologues. I had to act old. I got to sit in the dressing room for most of Act II. I loved every second of this project. Truly. Have a look at a few photos, taken by Mike Feldser, for your viewing pleasure (some of which also appear in the medi

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