Back In The Habit

If you live in the Philadelphia area and want to hear me in a local performance, your last chance for 2017 will be happening this Saturday, April 8 at the 4Women Cabaret . Why? Well, I'm headed Back to the convent! Friends, I have accepted a contract to join the upcoming Asia tour of Sister Act. It's true. I'm putting the habit back on for quite a while. If you're headed to Asia between May of 2017 and January of 2018, depending on your destination, I might be there. The tour currently includes stops in Singapore, The Philippines, China, Japan and Korea. The best way to get more information on this tour is to follow me at Creatavita. When you land at Creatavita, scroll over to the right and

I Won't Be Quiet

No, I won't, and on Friday, April 8, neither will 3 other women. That's right, on Saturday, April 8, I’ll be hosting 4Women, a Cabaret featuring (in alphabetical order) Kelly Caulfield, Raina Murdock and Sue Murphy. Kelly, Raina and Sue appear regularly with semi-professional and community theatre groups throughout the Philadelphia region. But this year, I convinced them to use their voices in a different way (to be honest, they were easily convinced). They are turning their talents into a fund-raising vehicle for The House, a Phoenixville, PA shelter that serves a underserved population - single women. Will there be music at this BYOB event? Of course, and even more, including light

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